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We create immersive experiences that are alive with feeling

zia dance duet

App development

From games to game-changing simulations for medical training, we offer a full design-to-development service.                

zia dance duet

Social VR

We'll help you build your own corner of the multiverse on platforms such as VRChat. Or how about a custom-made miniverse, giving you full control.

zia dance duet

Feeling is believing

Imagine being fully physically present in an avatar's whole body. We can take your exhibition or installation to the next level.

Our creations

zia dance duet

Zia Dance Duet

  • VR art installation
  • Full body immersion

Immersive dancing with a virtual being (BespokeVR production: UK Arts Council / CreativeXR).



  • Web3D
  • Virtual production studio

3D toolkit for brands to create professional-grade adverts (client: Artificial Artists).

think and move

Think and Move

  • VR App
  • Brain training with exercise

A 'serious game' for children with autism (client: Alchemy Immersive / Harvard Medical School ).



  • VR art installation
  • Full body immersion

Avatar morphing across species, gender & age (BespokeVR production: exhibited @ The Welcome Trust).

me v machine

Me v Machine

  • AR iOS App
  • Interview training

Augmented reality training for video interviews (client: Rehearse it!).

Stroke diagnosis

  • VR app
  • Medical training

Learn how to diagnose a virtual patient who has had a stroke (client: Imperial college / NHS).

Liver biopsy

  • AR app
  • Medical training

Rehearse taking a liver biopsy with real surgical tools & haptic feedback (client: Imperial College).

Avatar R&D

  • VR installation
  • Body perception research

Psychology experiment to explore the body ownership illusion in 197 children (client: Durham University).